Christmas celebration

Meaning behind those decorated trees Hello everyone and a merry Christmas! Are your Christmas trees ready and candles lit? I bet everyone’s hands must be filled with invitation cards for various Christmas parties. Oh, and sighs are surely being taken in houses for the cupboards are overflowing with various gifted plump cakes. Now, if we take the agnelites in light, each one us are enthusiastic after the Christmas celebration that took place on 22nd of December. Wait, you’re telling me that some of you missed the fun? Well, I got to say that’s pretty sad but, no worries, this article will help you to not stare with a blank face when your friends chat about the grand day. The day started with children pouring into the school campus dressed in their clothes of comfort, a holiday from the uniforms. It’s funny how we can be smiling at such an early hour just because of some clothes. The kids walked into their classes and the school filled with voices, teachers and students alike. The giggles and gossips were finally lowering in volume when they turned into screams of joy, it was time for the infamous jam session! Everyone rushed into the ground and danced their hearts out to the variety of songs. Some were even crowding and screaming in hopes that sir would play their song of choice. We can say that the jam session was a fun, chaotic and beautiful mess. Then, the students slowly calmed down as the dance hours got over and moved towards the auditorium, ready to see the show. Hymns were sung by the English and Hindi choirs as everyone joined in, voices mixing to form an imperfect yet wonderful melody. To everyone’s surprise, an acapella, a shadow act and a dance number lit up the stage, performers pouring the days of practice into the final stage. Narrators further widened the excitement with their words. Clapping filled the auditorium, bringing smiles on the faces standing on the stage. It was proved that an art has no language when the French students grabbed their own spotlight, a small play in their pockets. The day ended with everyone’s beloved carol, jingle bells, being sung in French and then in English by every single student and teacher in the hall, including Santa Claus, who ran on and off stage, wishing everyone a merry Christmas. Celebration aside, the actors, singers, narrators and every other hand behind the show successfully gave us the message that Christmas is not just about decorating and giving gifts, no festival has such a small meaning. Jesus was born on hay, there were thousands who were against him, yet he brought a change. To take a more relatable view, the ones who stood on the stage in this celebration, a lot of people must have laughed at them, told them to not participate. Yet, they bravely ignored those few faces and believed in themselves, successfully showing the world that ‘They can and they did’. Don’t think about what others would say, the society will talk about you anyhow. Do what you believe in, even if you’re alone. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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