Class XII Farewell

Alls well that ends well and it would be no understatement to say that the a 14 year old journey from crying on the first day to crying on the last day for this years batch ended quite well on 21 of December. Farewell is an event which is looked forward to not only by the student in their final year in school but also by the ones in 11th for this is one event they get to organize themselves and the fun involved in the preparations is something that is quite unmatched. This year too, the Farewell was a gorgeous affair with all the students being epitomes of ethnicity, spread all across the red buildings like a diverse gradient of multiple colours.All the ones who had started their school journey in tiny overalls were now grown up ladies and gentlemen in their tuxedos and sarees. Eleventhies too were paragons of grace and panache as they prepared themselves with a heavy heart yet a smiling face to bid adieu to their seniors. The games and cultural programmes organised were a visual as well as recreational retreat not only to the ones playing them but also to the ones watching. This was followed by the much awaited rounds for crowning the Agnel King and Queen and Agnel Lord and Lady. Our Beyonsensations Shraddha Singh won became the Agnel queen while our very own diplomat Mradul Bhatnagar was the king. Alina Naqvi became the Agnel lady impressing everyone with her grace and wits while our perfectionist Srijan Rai became the Agnel Lord. This extravagant event became even more stupendous with the delicious food that was served ranging from Indian to continental , serving as a holiday bonanza to everyone’s taste buds. Finally the day cane to an end with an amazing jam session where all Agnelites got their groove on and had the time of their life. Overall this day was an amazing way to mark the end of 14 most crucial years of our life that would mark the beginning of a totally new phase.

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