Principal’s Message

“Our children do not form 100 per cent of the population but they definitely form 100 per cent of the future of society. The future of the nation depends on their knowledge, their character, skill, and their preparedness or lack of it.” —–from the book–Living with Honour.


We often hear people say and talk about children as our future. A honourable nation emerges when citizens build their character. In his book, Living with Honour, Shiv Khera reminds us that lessons of good values transcends generations. When we inculcate good values in our children, we are really teaching good values to our grandchildren also. Habits contracted at a young age are generally permanent and influence conduct throughout the life. If during the formative years, time is misspent, the chances are that it has been lost forever. There is no compensation for the time lost in one’s youth. This understanding brings about a huge responsibility on teachers and parents and thankfully, our school provides that important platform to all like-minded stakeholders to play a direct and significant role and contribute in a special way as custodians of the society.

It is indeed a joyous moment every day listening to children and engaging them fruitfully with a hope that they would lead the nation with Honour and Integrity in the years to come. The interactions are always with an understanding that a mix of unconditional love and commitment to uphold virtues will transform us into an honourable nation. Our activities which are recorded and presented on this website also contains volumes of untold anecdotes of instructions, hard work, rigor, ideas discussions, debates, innocent pranks, clemency, compassion and love by everyone involved, directed impeccably by Rev. Fr. J. A. Carvalho. Our school also owes a lot  to the sacrifice of our Rector Rev. Fr. R. Bento, who has touched many lives in his 50 years of selfless service to the society.

I wish all Big Hearts and Brave Minds the very best as they strive each day to transform our Nation into an honourable one.


Happy browsing!

John Dinakaran