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In the present environment, the children are going to make a big difference in the way things happen because of their immense influence in the Society at large.

Fr. Agnel School at Noida will be a Green School, which is a unique feature that is being adopted to train children in the conservation and care of the environment. Rain water is being harvested for replenishing underground water level Plastic bags will be completely out of bounds and water heating is done by solar energy alone.

This is an advanced conservation measure and will bring the school students face to face with the hard realities of education for life which is the most important thing students learn during the school years because much that is learnt from books will be supplemented with higher learning, only values being permanent and lasting. Fr. Agnel School children will be pro-active in the field of conservation, social concerns and the future of our earth.


The institutions run by the Agnel Ashram Fathers are known for their characteristic profile of national integration, which the founders inherited through a very active participation in the freedom struggle of India. The children will be taught to be honest, truthful, and righteous and to excel in whatever they do. The students will be educated to appreciate and love their fellow beings regardless of community, caste and creed, because these constitute the national fiber of India. These sentiments of brotherhood and concern for each other are fundamental to true education and the society that does not care to train their children is doomed to be divided and fall. Social Concern is another important value that the school has and education that is unconcerned about the fate and care of fellow men is incomplete and superficial.

The student of Fr. Agnel School will be taught to go beyond himself/herself to be sensitive and concerned towards others, specially the deprived, weak and the oppressed. The motto of the school will be “Love Your Neighbor as Yourself” which comprises the total universal message that mankind always valued as the ultimate manifestation of God’s presence in the world. This message will be the guiding light in everything that is done in the school.

Technology integration in the classrooms has been our forte for a long time. Our schools in India have been adjudged as the best in Software Development in India-Asia Software Developments contests by Intel and have been awarded several times.

The Noida School is fully wired and it maintains its own intranet as well internet Wi-Fi set up. Each class is equipped with smart boards where teachers use laptops to conduct the class.

New Delhi


was established in 1979, and has on its rolls about 2900 students. It was accorded recognition with effect from 1st May 1981. The school is affiliated to the C.B.S.E and seeks to nurture the talents of each student in a conducive environment. The school endeavours to contribute towards the holistic development of each individual. Special emphasis is laid on character building and on national integration.



is a Christian Minority School was established under Art 30 (i) of the Constitution of India with a view to provide excellent education as per the principles of equality, love & brotherhood. The school has been accorded affiliation by the C.B.S.E. Besides the most modern and technologically advanced facilities, including a large football / cricket ground and a majestic auditorium, the School also has residential facilities for 100 students. Fr. Agnel School, Noida has made sports and games an integral part of education. The school has coaching facilities in swimming at its half Olympic size swimming pool and also in skating, Lawn Tennis etc. in addition to Football, Basket Ball, Hockey and Table Tennis. It has a large playfield and adequate facilities for indoor as well as outdoor games.


FR. AGNEL RESOURCE CENTRE: for programs and conferences in education and growth.

Greater Noida


is a Christian Minority School, established under Art 30 (i) of the Constitution of India, in April 2010, and has been affiliated to the CBSE up to the Sr. Secondary School level.

The School seeks to develop the talents of the child to the full by following modern pedagogic methods. Individual attention is paid to each student with a view to provide all aspects of education: ethical, social, aesthetic and spiritual. a Love Your Neighbour as Yourselfa is the motto which inspires every activity at Fr. Agnel School.



is our newest School, that has been established in A-2, Sector 1, Ghaziabad in April 2015. It is a joint collaboration of the CBCI Society of National Institute for Social Communication Research & Training (NISCORT) and Agnel Charities under the exclusive management of Agnel Charities (Fr. Agnel School Society).

It is in a prime location and will be provided with all the facilities as existent in Fr. Agnel Schools, with professional Management and a keen eye for excellence. Being a part of the campus which hosts a Higher Education Institute in Communication, the School will be the one of its kind that will focus on modern communication and Media, as part of its specific curriculum design. The School will be affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and will be a Christian Minority School.



    • Fr. C. Rodriques Degree College of Engineering , (FRCCE): (Production, Electronics and Computers) ) M. Tech.,Ph.D.
    • Fr. Agnel Polytechnic: Dipl. in Production Engn. , Advanced Diploma in Computer Software
    • Fr. Agnel Community Polytechnic
    • Fr. Agnel Industrial Training Institute
    • Fr. Agnel Junior Technical College
    • Fr. Agnel Trade School
    • Fr. Agnel Academic School
    • Fr. Agnel Balbhavan (Orphanage)


    • Fr. C. Rodriques Institute of Technology, (FCRIT). N. Tech., Electronic & Communication Eng., Civil, Electrical Eng., Mechanical Eng. & Computer Eng.,
    • Fr. C. Rodrigues Institute of Management Studies, FCRIMS (Fr. Agnel Business School)
    • Fr. Agnel Polytechnic: Industrial Electronics, Civil Eng., Machine & Tools; Maintenance, Fabrication & Erection Technology
    • Fr. Agnel Junior Technical College: Electronics, Computers & Science (Biology)
    • Fr. Agnel Industrial Training Institute
    • Fr. Agnel Balbhavan- Sheltering & Education of Orphans.
    • CIBA (Centre for Innovation and Business Acceleration)


    • Padre Conceicao College of Engineering, PCCE, Mechanical, Computer, Electronics and Information Technology and M.Tech.
    • Fr. Agnel Polytechnic: Production Eng., Construction Eng., Automobile Eng., & Computer Eng.
    • Fr. Agnel Polytechnic for Women
    • Agnel Institute of Catering and Culinary Sciences, AICCS (Catering College)
    • Fr. Agnel Industrial Training Institute (AVTI)
    • Fr. Agnel Multipurpose School (Sr. Sec.)
    • CIBA (Centre for Innovation and Business Acceleration)
    • Fr. Agnel Balgram (Orphanage)


    • Agnel Institute of Engineering and Tool Design, AITD, B. Tech., Mechanical, Electronic and Information Technology
    • CIBA (Centre for Innovation and Business Acceleration)
    • AEDI (Agnel Entrepreneurship Development Institute)

    AMBERNATH (Maharashtra)

    • Fr. Agnel School: Senior Secondary School