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A Visit To The Supreme Court Of India

03 / Aug

Class 11 & 12

On 2nd & 3rd August 2023 the Humanities Department comprising of 80 students and 4 members of the faculty went on an educational tour to the Supreme Court of India in New Delhi.

The children were provided with tour guides who explained to them the history, significance and importance of this supreme institution of the country. The children also witnessed the development of law and legal ways in India through various periods in History and some landmark exhibits namely the verdict on the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, the verdict on Nathuram Godse, the verdict on the Shahbano Case among many others. The children were also shown two documentary films on the momentous institution itself and the other one on legendary martyr Bhagat Singh.

The children were also taken to the Library and the Mediation Centre where career scopes in law especially in mediation were discussed with the children by the Registrar Mrs.Mezivolu T Therieh.

The educational tour was thoroughly enriching, educative and enjoyable.

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