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Annual Day - Class I & II

03 / Mar



Each one of us is special.

Each one of us is different.

Each one of us is unique.

It’s Good to Be Me


The students of Grade I-II celebrated being themselves, in a musical - It’s Good to be Me. The annual day was aimed at celebrating each child’s individuality and uniqueness.


It's important to love and embrace oneself just as you are, to value your unique talents, and not try to change the person you are. The annual day focused on celebrating who you are as you are and it urged us to remind ourselves that we are all special, all different but still unique.


The tales Fish is Fish and The Ugly Duckling, which was renamed The Lovely Duckling, served as the foundation for the musical. Both fables effectively conveyed the idea that we should accept everyone for their talents, values, and humility and not judge them based on their appearance. The annual day also made a concerted effort to instil in our young children the idea that they should first be content with whom and what they have before expecting appreciation from others. The characters from both the stories then lead their way to Father Agnel School where each child is distinctive, different and unique and is given the opportunity to explore and create.


Children dressed as diverse characters enlivened the Father Agnel School stage. They skilfully performed, danced, and sung as they conveyed the message of "Celebrating Oneself". The whole essence of this was to let the students celebrate their own qualities.


In keeping with the spirit of the Annual Day, it ended with a beautiful song – It’s Good to be Me. The Grand Finale saw all the students of Grade 1-2 on stage gloriously singing the song with a belief that they have the best and they are the best.


In the beginning an inspiring message from the Principal, Mr. Alistair R A Freese set the tone for the entire programme and at the end, the address by Reverend Father Carvalho was very encouraging for everyone present in the auditorium.


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