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Annual Exhibition: Senior School

08 / Jul

On 8 July, Father Agnel School, Noida organised the annual exhibition for classes VI-IX. The classrooms and corridors were vibrantly decorated as each class presented informative exhibits based on specific themes. The event was graced by the presence of parents who interacted closely with the students and expressed their appreciation for their efforts and preparation.
The students of class VI presented various Asian countries including China, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and more, whereas class VII explored various regions of India, from Uttar Pradesh to West Bengal to Kerala and beyond. Class VIII, on the other hand, represented G20 countries including France, Germany, Australia, Mexico, England and Canada. Through a variety of media including 3D models, charts and digital presentations, students highlighted various historical, social, economic, geographical, scientific as well as cultural aspects of each country/state.
Director Reverend Father Carvalho visited each class to assess and encourage the students’ work, and they enthusiastically engaged with his questions and comments. Further, a special canteen was organised by the Social Welfare Ministry on the same day, serving delicious food to parents and students alike, all geared towards the noble cause of the community outreach project, Samvedna.
The exhibition was an enriching learning experience for the students, who not only gained knowledge about the subject they had taken up, but also honed their skill in public speaking, management, innovation, and creative expression.


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