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Annual Sports Meet (Classes III-V)

31 / Jan

If there is one shade of life which teaches us the most valuable lessons about perseverance, patience, and perfect character, it is sports-Jessica Guidobono.

The Annual Sports Meet for classes III-V of Father Agnel School, Noida was held on 31st January at the school grounds. The chief guest for the day was Father J.A Carvalho, the esteemed director of the school. The event was attended by special guests and all the parents. The theme for the event was-Meet the Champions. The first event was a synchronised March Past. The four houses of the school, led by their Captains, Vice Captains and their Sports Captains put their best foot forward and marched to the tunes of -Sare Jahan Se Achcha... As the drumbeats rolled in, the parade, spearheaded by the Head boy and the Head girl strode with pride.


The athletes took a solemn oath to uphold sportsmanship throughout the events and declaration of the Sports Meet open by the director of the school. Father Carvalho emphasised on the importance of making the right choices in life. ‘Prop Stoppers’, presented by the girls of class IV showed various jaw dropping antics using hooplas, skipping ropes and basketballs. ‘Yoga Drill’ , a synchronised presentation by the boys of class IV  enthralled the audience . The boys displayed immense concentration and team work while forming the various yoga postures, specially the pyramid.  Zumba, presented by the girls of class IV was a fun-filled , energetic performance filled with eye catching movements. It was a delight to watch the young Agnelites from class III perform the ‘Karate Drill’. Our Karate champs performed a few Katas to the amazement of the audience. It was a power packed performance.


Apart from the drills all the students participated in various competitive races. The students showed off their athletic skills in the flat races as well as in the nail-biting, exciting relays. The grand finale was the highlight of the sports meet.  A plethora of budding athletes were honoured for their accolades in various sporting events like karate, roll ball and basketball. Students and teachers took a pledge to exercise and stay fit. The meet culminated with a beautiful harmonised performance by the students and their teachers. In the end, Mr Alistair Freese, the school principal proposed the vote of thanks. 


The Annual Sports Meet embodied the zeal, talents, and the spirit of true sportsmanship of the Agnelites , encouraging them to be persistent and to refine their talents, achieving the greatest of the heights.