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Aparajita-Annual Day

04 / Nov

‘You’re not disabled by the disabilities you have, you are able by the abilities you have.’ This was the message that rang loud and clear, as Father Agnel School Noida celebrated annual day- APARAJITA, on 4th November, 2023, Saturday.

 Inspirational to the core and equally stunning performances by the children had the audience glued to their seats as the participants portrayed the life and achievements of Sudha Chandran- the famous Bharatnatyam dancer, who lost a leg in an accident but not her courage. The second portrayal was the story of the legendary mountaineer Arunima Sinha who scaled the Everest on a prosthetic leg. Lyrical conceptualization, spirited dancers, picturesque and innovative choreography, moving melodies, gifted solo singers and talented actors- in a nutshell the programme was at par with any professional production.

The day commenced with a prayer and a beautiful hymn by the Western music Choir. Director Rev.Fr Carvalho’s, message on peace, tolerance and inclusivity, reverberated in the sprightly rendition of the song ‘One Day’ by the Western music choir.

However, the highlight of the day was definitely the Indian music choir, the dance troupes both Indian and Contemporary, respective teachers-in-charge and senior Hindi Teachers Ma’am Shraddha Singh and ma’am Shikha Gupta whose indefatigable efforts saw Aparajita staged as a resounding success.

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