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28 / Dec

Someone said, “ Dance to express, not to impress.”

We have here, a 9-year-old dancer, who danced to express but went on to impress all of us. J.P. Sansithaa, studying in grade V of FAS, Noida, danced her way first into India Book of Records, then- into Asia Book of Records and lastly— not least—into each of our hearts.

She inspired everyone by her performance of Bharatanatyam for 39 minutes, 38 seconds and 2 milliseconds, NON- STOP.

Sansithaa performed nonstop displaying not just her elegance but also her strength- strength of feet, her mind and most importantly strength of passion.

She proved the statement right that “ Dancers don’t need wings to fly.” Keep it up Sansithaa and keep flying high and enjoy each step along your way.