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Children's Day: Primary wing

17 / Nov

On November 17th, 2023, a special assembly was held to celebrate Children's Day. During the assembly, the teachers expressed their affection for their students through various performances. The primary teachers put on an inspiring skit, along with several dances and melodious songs, to demonstrate their love for the students. The celebration was a huge success and made every child feel special.

Our respected Principal, Mr. Alexander Coates Reid, addressed the gathering and appreciated all the performers. He also emphasized the importance of maintaining discipline in the school premises, especially in the classrooms. He quoted the definition of a teacher from one of Shakespeare’s plays, stating that a teacher follows their ideals in life. This helps to instil the principles of discipline and confidence in a student's life. Sir also spoke about the important value of gratitude, encouraging students to express gratitude towards all their teachers for the mesmerizing program they presented. He assured the students that he would play the role of a facilitator in their lives, helping the young ones discover new things about themselves. At the end, he once again expressed his gratitude towards all the teachers for the program, which was a true reflection of their love and concern for their students.