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Class 1 Wonderful Wednesday - July 2022

22 / Jul

‘The best way to make children good is to make them happy’
Oscar Wild

On the 13th day of rainy July’22 our little buds blossomed with joy and brought out their creativity on papers and in words. It was a day where the children explored and learnt beyond books. Stick puppets made by the little ones were used to recite a poem—All of me and All about me. Number card activity brought out the little mathematicians in them, fun of making paper boat using origami sheets brought out the creativity of the tiny tots. The day ended with watching animated movies. It was a day full of fun and learning.

20th July saw the shine and excitement in the eyes of the little ones. Their eagerness to start the day made us all more enthusiastic. The day started with Mass drill where simple exercises charged the body of the children, this was followed by the Hoopla activity wherein each child showcased the art of helping one another and team work. Children spoke with great enthusiasm on their favourite toy in English OSK. Sharpening their minds was the Hindi activity in the form of a puzzle. An interactive discussion with teachers on different safety measures and how to seek immediate help when required, made the children learn and aware of many safety rules. Mental Math activity was also enjoyed by everyone. It was a day full of fun and joy.