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Class 3 Ad - Mad show

02 / Mar

An intra class event 'Ad Mad Show' was held in English in  class 3, to bring out their individual creative talent. The activity aimed at helping the students to learn the art of enacting an advertisement and enhance their skills in expressions, voice modulation and dialogue delivery. 

Students were creative in their presentations and came up with some super interesting and hilarious advertisement ideas. It was fun to watch the little Agnelites  coming up with unique ideas and participating in the  activity with a lot of enthusiasm! Some of the products sold in the program were flying shoes, laughing spray, magical closet,  flying carpet, immunity building chocolates, pen-cum-spy camera etc. 

Children got an opportunity to brush-up their speech delivery and understand the importance of advertisements in spreading awareness to the masses.


The  pictures for this event can be browsed through the following link:

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