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16 / Apr


On Saturday, 13 April, Father Agnel School organsied an Orientation programme for the parents of students who have started Class VI, transitioning from primary to middle school. The objective was to illustrate the changes their children will face and experience over the following years and to better equip them to effectively guide their children through it. After an earnest invocation of the almighty, the students of Class VI performed a beautiful melody which truly reflected the endless potential they had to be their own superheroes. This was followed by an address by the middle school coordinator which highlighted the core values of the school that shall form the foundation of children’s academic and personal development. Further, a presentation by the teachers highlighted how parents can practice positive parenting methods in order to build their children up to face the challenges and reap the rewards of their adolescent years. Parents were introduced to the approach to learning as well as the assessment pattern in middle school, which is in accordance with the NEP 2020. There was further emphasis laid on Art Education as the means of holistic learning for students. The second half of the session was spearheaded by Director Reverend Father Carvalho, who shed light on how the transformation of society in recent years calls for a transformation of our education system away from conventional learning to learning geared towards critical thought and real-world application. Parents also raised certain doubts and concerns which were effectively addressed by the Director. The Orientation programme successfully opened up an avenue for open discussion and parent-teacher interaction which will be advanced in the forthcoming years.