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​Clay Modelling Activity: KG

21 / Apr

Clay Moulding is a great way to help children to develop their imagination. It enhances the gross motor skills and creativity of the learners. 


A Clay Modelling Activity was organised for the students of class KG on 21st April 2023.They pounded, squeezed, rolled and blended the clay to make some unique and amazing creations like fish, octopus, caterpillar, rose, snow man, angry bird, watermelon, boat, flowers, butterfly, dog, bird, solar system etc. and displayed them with pride.The finished product at hand was a treasure to cherish for the young ones. They experienced the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. The motive of this activity was to stimulate the imagination of the little ones and to enable them to give it a better shape. This activity further enhanced their hand and eye coordination, colour recognition and fine motor skills. The students actively participated in the Clay Modelling activity and  enjoyed it thoroughly. The whole hearted enthusiasm of the parents was also evident in the beautifully prepared backdrops sent along with their child to place their completed models on, as an enhanced presentation.Class Teachers applauded the efforts of the children by presenting them with handmade appreciation badges at the end of the activity.