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Elections at FAS NOIDA

03 / May

Elections at  FAS NOIDA
School elections play a vital role in fostering democratic values among students and providing them with opportunities to engage in leadership roles. At Father Agnel School students were provided with the right platform to exercise their right to vote, voice their opinions, and elect representatives who they felt would advocate for their interests.
The electoral process began by shortlisting students who had applied for the positions of House Captains, Vice Captains and Sports Captains.In the first house meeting students filled their nominations and in the second house meeting nominated students were shortlisted for the various posts on the basis of the speeches they presented before the house. In the next stage students were given two days for campaigning through posters designed by them. On the final day, all students from classes 6 to 12, casted their votes for their chosen representatives. After the recess the names of the elected members were announced by Reverend Father Carvalho. 
School elections are an integral part of the educational experience, which provide students with a hands-on opportunity to engage in democratic processes thereby developing their leadership skills. By actively participating in elections, students learn the importance of civic engagement, responsibility, and accountability. 

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