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Father Bento’s Birthday Celebration

05 / Aug

A Birthday is a rather special day on one’s calendar. Despite the fact they come and go, year in and year out, one cannot deny that Birthdays hold their own charm and allure, which cannot be replicated. Bearing this in mind, the Agnelites celebrated Father Bento’s Birthday on 5th of August, recognizing the dedication and determination of the man who can best be described as a visionary.
The celebration commenced with a prayer by Aahana Ajmera for Father’s good health and was succeeded by the song- “Jaron key Sanger”. The principal, Mr. Asirvatham, wished Father Bento a Very Happy Birthday and recited a short prayer invoking blessings of the Almighty for the latter’s good health and protection. It was followed by a breathtaking dance performance that got everyone grooving.
Father Bento, with an ecstatic smile evident on his face, addressed the students and bestowed them with kind words, thanking them for hosting such a delightful event. To add more joviality to the event, Nia Pant performed a monologue from the famous Disney Movie- ‘Aladdin which was both stirring and invigorating.
The event concluded with Father Carvalho congratulating Father Bento for his prestigious work for the community. Finally, he thanked the teachers and the students who worked hard to make the event a huge success.