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FIRST DAY OF CLASS NURSERY-Academic session 2024-2025

03 / Apr

FIRST DAY OF CLASS NURSERY-Academic session 2024-2025


Children of Class Nursery began their new chapter of formal schooling on 1st April’24. The first day of school was a milestone for our little ones as they entered the Preschool building of Father Agnel School, Noida taking the first important step towards their educational journey. 

As the children trickled in, each one brought with them a unique set of emotions. Some were wide-eyed with curiosity, eager to explore their new surroundings, while others clung to their parents, their faces etched with uncertainty. With the help of the teachers and the auxiliary staff, effort was made to create an inclusive environment where every child felt welcomed and supported. Through playful activities and rhymes, children were gently encouraged to interact with one another, fostering friendships and easing any anxieties they may have had prior. While some quickly embraced the opportunity to make new friends, others remained shy or occasionally shed a tear. But with patience and encouragement, slowly but surely, they began to open up, their laughter filling the room as they engaged in the playful activities together. The children were sent home with a smiley welcome card which they had coloured themselves during the course of the day.