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French exchange day 4

03 / Nov

Day 4
The day kicked off with plans for a friendly football match, unfortunately canceled due to inclement weather. However, the Indian students graciously redirected the French visitors to the auditorium, where they witnessed rehearsals for the upcoming event, "Aparajitha," celebrating women's empowerment.

Despite the language barrier, the Indian students ensured the French counterparts felt included and engaged throughout the program, showcasing inspiring performances in dance, music, and talent.

A fun cooking class followed, where the French students learned to prepare Indian delicacies under the guidance of Miss Damini and the cooking club members. They enjoyed crafting dishes like pav-bhaji and coconut balls, adorned in cute chef hats and aprons.

The day ended with a shared meal, including the prepared dishes and a sweet treat, along with a celebration for three students' birthdays—Lucas, Gatien, and Isaure.

The exchange week concluded with excited anticipation for a weekend filled with more shared experiences between the students from both schools. It was an unforgettable and enriching week for the French students, fostering deeper cultural connections

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