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French exchange day 7

06 / Nov

Today, the French students were taken for a classical dance workshop of Bharatnatyam under the guidance of ma'am Trina.
During this session, they were taught the literal meaning of this dance form, the importance of a 'namaskar' in dance and a short performance of a dhyan shloka dedicated to lord Shiva, 'Angikam'.
The students were amused by the intricacy of Indian Classical Dance and had lots of fun while learning and witnessing nothing but a mere glimpse of our culture. 

The French students once again wanted to visit khoda school, this time with a different purpose, to see what Father Carvalho and team had done to help the kids in the slums. They were highly impressed by the efforts of our school to overcome the issues of underprivileged kids. They saw the life of people living behind the cities, the lives of those who resided in the slums.

After the visit, a friendly football match between the French and Indian students was held on the ground. Everyone eagerly participated  and played with great enthusiasm. The French team won by one goal. Both the countries were united by a common interest, football.

In the evening, the French nationals visited Choki Dhani along with their Indian correspondents. It is a theme park reflecting the Rajasthani culture in a fun filled manner, with rides, swings and many other adventure sports. Upon entering, everyone danced to the sound of dhol and were provided with welcome drinks and snacks. After the students enjoyed themselves in the park for a while, they were served with an exquisite dinner that portrayed the traditional Indian food. Overall, the trip was a new experience for everyone.

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