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French Exchange Day 4

01 / Nov

Indian students along with French delegates started their journey to Agra at 6:00 AM. The bus journey was nothing but memorable with everyone getting to know each other better.Once we arrived in Agra, our first stop was Taj Mahal. Everyone was mesmerised by the serenity of this marvelous wonder of the world. With it's intricate architecture and rich history, Taj Mahal gave us a trip we can't forget

Tired from walking and exploring, our next stop was Pushp Villa, the only revolving restaurant in India after Parikrama in Connaught Place. Everyone ate luscious food while appreciating 360 degree view of the city.Before heading back to our home, we took one last stop at Agra Fort, a UNESCO world heritage known for being the residence of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. It boasted an incredible view of Taj Mahal. One can only assume what Shah Jahan went through when he gazed at the tomb of his beloved wife from the window of his palace.

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