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French Exchange Programme

02 / Mar

The day started with 0 degree temperature. We woke up a bit late, skipped breakfast and assembled in the courtyard to go for our FLE classes. We were very excited and also nervous about it. We had 2 FLE lessons although i was a bit worried about how would it go but the lessons went pretty well. They taught us about different delicacies of France and where are they found in the country. The teachers were very kind and helpful. The interaction between us and the teachers was pretty good and we enjoyed the lesson. They also taught us about the mountain ranges of France and their locations.


Then we had an amazing trip to Chateau de Loches which is a castle just 10 minutes away from the school. We enjoyed a lot there. Specially the view from the top of the castle was not just beautiful but also ecstatic and exotic. We were given ipads through which we could complete a virtual treasure hunt inside the castle. Completing the treasure hunt was a very fun task for us. After spending a good amount of time at the castle, we had no time left for our next attraction for the day which was the candy factory in Loches, but i hope that we'd go there next week. We clicked a lot of pictures through out the day. At last, all of us were very tired and exhausted so we went to our respective dorms after dinner.