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French Exchange programme Day 3

01 / Mar


The day started like any other, a cold morning in Loches. However, we all were completely oblivious about the fun we all were going to have, and the new things we were going to experience. 

We all had our breakfast, followed by two classes with our respective partners. Then, we headed for the Farmers market at Loches. This is set up every Wednesday from 8-12 p.m. where  a myriad of shops selling fresh farm produce is up for sale. There were things like meat, seafood, rare stones and crystal articles, fruits, vegetables, juices, clothes, breads, cookies, etc. We bought a variety of things for us and our families. 

Then we returned to the school and participated in a cooking class. Teams of two were made and we were instructed step by step to make a yogurt cake. After a long wait for the cakes to bake, the results were out and Arnav and Aadya made the best cakes according to cooking instructor, Monsieur Laurent. 

After a hearty meal of cakes that we baked, we returned to our dorms and went on with the rest of our day.