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French Exchange Programme Day 7

09 / Mar

A visit to Cheverny Castle  


Our day began by visiting Château de Cheverny,It is one of most significant castles in the Loire valley .

Henry Le Mareschau was the owner of Cheverny in 1315, held under the Count of Blois. It was sold to Jean Huraults with its "houses, presses and vineyards" in the late 14th century.


The lands were purchased by Henri Hurault , a lieutenant general and military treasurer for Louis XIII, whose descendant, the Marquis de Vibraye, is the present owner.


A stone staircase carved with trophies of arms and the arts leads to the Grand Appartements. A guard room with a collection of arms and armour leads to the Chambre du Roi, richly hung with five Paris tapestries after designs by Simon Vouet, representing the story of Ulysses.

The Belgian comic book creator Hergé used Cheverny as a model for his fictional "Château de Moulinsart" (Marlinspike Hall in English) in the Adventures of Tintin books. In these books, the two outermost wings are not present, but the remaining central tower and two wings are almost identical.

After the tour we had a picnic lunch.


The weather was a little cold but the lighting today was perfect for pictures. We clicked a lot of pictures of each other and even group photos. Then we went to the souvenir shop and got gifts for our family and friends. After our visit to the castle we went to a little street where they had a lot shops but they were all closed because it was lunch time there. We had a pizza at a little Cafe, It was very delicious. We also had pain de chocolat and macaroons. Then we came back to school and hung out, listened to songs.  Today's trip was fun and very knowledgeable for us.