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Independence Day Celebration 2023-24

14 / Aug

Father Agnel School, Noida celebrated the 77th Independence Day with great enthusiasm and patriotism. The event took place within the school premises, and was a memorable day filled with various activities that showcased the spirit of freedom and unity.

The celebration began with the traditional flag-hoisting ceremony. The national flag, representing the sovereignty of our country, was raised by Principal Sir, Mr Alistair R A Freese. The entire school gathered around the flagpole, and the national anthem filled the air, evoking a sense of pride and unity among the students and staff.

Following the flag hoisting, a series of captivating cultural performances were presented by the students. The performances included patriotic songs, dances and recitations that highlighted the history, sacrifices, and achievements of our freedom fighters. The students put in their best efforts to showcase the diversity and unity of India through their performances.

Principal Sir delivered an inspiring speech that emphasized the significance of Independence Day and the values that the students should uphold as responsible citizens. Students were also motivated by Shefali Ma’am to work hard, contribute positively to society, and appreciate the freedom that the country offers.

The school also appreciated the efforts of students who had successfully achieved a 100 percent attendance record and were felicitated with an award and a certificate.

The event not only commemorated the struggles and sacrifices of our freedom fighters but also encouraged the students to cherish their freedom and contribute positively to the nation's progress. The enthusiasm and energy displayed by everyone present was a true reflection of our country's unity in diversity.

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