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KG-Adventure Camp- Mom n Me!

01 / Dec

Adventure aims at increasing productivity, encourages students to work in different working environments, builds team spirit, friendship and trust amongst each other.

Students’ journey through an academic session is incomplete without some co curricular fun activities. Keeping this in mind, we at Father Agnel school, Noida, organized a day adventure camp for the students of Class KG along with their lovely mothers in the school playground. The idea was to give them exposure to different adventure activities and the company of their moms altogether.The day started with a briefing about the rules and the regulations of the camp. Much to the satisfaction of the students, the facilitators had planned the day with adventure activities such as - zip lining, zorbing, burma bridge, commando net, wall climbing etc.,light snacks and refreshments as well as fun games, team building activities-balloon bursting race,tug of war etc. and a jam session for the accompanying mothers. 

With an active, well-trained and zealous group of facilitators, it turned out to be a tremendously successful venture. The amount of energy and enthusiasm exhibited by the students during their adventure activities and the mothers during their team building fun games was enthralling. At the end of the day, peppy dance songs were played which made both the mothers and the children dance to their heart's content.

KG teachers decorated a selfie booth in the shape of a camp tent -wherein the moms clicked photographs along with their child - a beautiful way to preserve the sweet memories of the day.

The appreciating feedback shared by the moms at the end of the day was a great motivator for the teachers and the facilitators.

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