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Last day before Christmas break

22 / Dec

Children of classes Nursery and KG had an enjoyable day today celebrating the fervour and the festivities of Christmas. The building was resonating with the Christmas carols since morning. The prayer and the hymn was followed by the completion of beautiful craft in the classrooms. Each teacher planned and got the children of her class engaged in amazing hand made crafts ranging from Santa faces, Santa caps, Christmas tree with finger printing, reindeer masks , which the children carried home with them at the end of the day. Children enjoyed their party food by sharing it with their teacher and the peers. The decked up building interiors with the varieties of beautiful decorations, and the colour theme of Christmas colours - red, white and green- the preschool was charged with positive vibes of the beautiful festival of Christmas. The day ended with the jam session and exchange of the greetings and wishes for a blessed Christmas.