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LOVE PARENTING- Workshop for the parents of Pre Nursery & Nursery-

15 / May

LOVE PARENTING- Workshop for the parents of Pre Nursery & Nursery

"Love Parenting"-the workshop for parents of Pre Nursery and Nursery was conducted on 11th May '24 in the school auditorium -Udaan. The workshop was led by the Principal Mr. Alexander Coates Reid and touched upon the importance of the support which a child needs physically, mentally, emotionally from his/her parents right from infancy to grow up as a balanced human being. The parents were apprised of the difference between -"Love Parenting" and "Parental Love" along with the do's and don'ts of handling their child in the formative years. 

The ice breaker game was conducted which touched upon the importance of the coordination between both parents in raising their child.It also laid emphasis on the fact that as parents we should ensure that our child stays afloat under all circumstances. Questions were asked from the fathers laying importance on the fact -how well they know their child. These activities provided valuable insight to the gathering present in the auditorium. The workshop ended with a question answer session, wherein the parents clarified their queries and apprehensions.

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