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Magic Show: Class I-V

03 / Feb

A Magic Show by the Red Cross Society was organized on 3rd February,2023. The students from Classes I to V watched the show with great curiosity and were amazed to see a plethora of magic tricks. The magician, who was able to catch the attention of the children at the very beginning, showcased tricks which were really unbelievable. 

Throughout the show, he kept the students enthralled with his tricks. They were spellbound to see a number of magic tricks that were seemingly impossible for them to believe. He made things disappear in the air and brought them out of his pockets. He called a few children and teachers too on stage, to give them a feel of the real magic.

The magic show was full of laughter and joy and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. At the end, the magician brought about a calming effect by making the children recite the Gayatri Mantra. It was an unforgettable experience, one that will stay in the memory of students for a long time.