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Preschool- My Activity Day

09 / May

Preschool- My Activity Day-May

‘Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.’ Keeping the given thought in mind, M.A.D. - My Activity Day was organised for the children of Nursery and KG on 9th May' 2023. The theme of the day was -Let's Enjoy Summer Season. It was time for summer sun and fun, a ‘No-Book Day’ wherein the children took part in different art activities, story, rhyme time etc. Children came to school wearing casual summer dresses and accessories-cap, hat, sunglasses etc. The day started with regular prayer and hymns.

Children of Nursery were engaged in the special summer craft-Vegetable printing using okra on the image of summer frock in their Colouring book,which was immensely enjoyed by each one of them. KG children were briefed about the summer season, seasonal summer fruits and vegetables,the types of clothes worn in this season etc. Furthermore, a story was told to them about the importance of staying active during summer vacation and not wasting it on screen time. Thereafter, they did fingerprinting in the fruit basket as a follow up activity.

Parents were advised to send summer fruits, vegetables, cucumber sandwiches or salad as part of the special snack in their child's tiffin,which was sumptuously relished by the little ones along with the gala time that they had with their friends. The entire preschool building was pulsating with the sounds of giggles and laughter throughout the day,making it a fruitful activity day for one and all.

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