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Preschool Sports Day

10 / Feb

Sport plays an important part in character building. In recognition of the need to inculcate the sporting spirit in children, the school organized the Annual Sports Day for the Pre-school children on 10 February 2023. The event provided an ideal opportunity for the children to demonstrate their prowess in various sporting disciplines. The students came in colour coded sports attire. The Sporting extravaganza commenced with the declaration of the meet open by the Principal along with the releasing of balloons. This was followed by a spectacular drill which the students put up for the entertainment of the parents. They performed various yogasan, which was followed by aerobic exercises. Further, the Commando drill was performed which left the audience awestruck. The children also participated in a wide range of flat and team races like ‘My Aquatic World’, ‘Ball Relay Race' to name a few. The parents enthusiastically cheered on as the students took to the track to compete with their peers. A fitting finale to the day was a display of ‘unity in diversity’. Dance forms of six different states were performed by the children in the most beautiful and colourful manner. The Sports Day helped children explore their hidden sports interests, to build confidence and to inculcate a desire to learn new skills by watching their peers. It was a fun filled day for one and all.

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