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Samvedana and a Visit to Jan Kalyan Kendra

12 / Apr

Samvedana, our school’s community outreach programme, is built on our belief in Love Your Neighbour as Yourself. Continuing the tradition running into its ninth year, Aparajita Banerjee, the Social Welfare Minister, initiated the ration collection drive on 12 April 2022. 
We witnessed nearly two weeks of active and enthusiastic participation from teachers and students from classes 4-12. On 29 April 2022, our team of 10 students and teachers - Ma’am Mercy, Ma’am Salila and Ma’am Ankita - donated the edibles to the beneficiaries invited to the school in the morning.
Soon, we started for Jan Kalyan Kendra (JKK), Khoda and were welcomed by the managing staff: Sir Anthony, Sir Amit and Sir Bhanu. We understood how the centre is affiliated with the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), how the students are taught there, about the Bal Mandal initiative for rag-pickers children who are bathed and given food, and the various vocational courses - from making masks to learning computer technology - people of Khoda come to take. 
We were thrilled to know how anyone from the Agnel family could visit JKK to support them in their studies, and conduct awareness talks and activities. We took a tour of the classes where we were cheerfully greeted by the students and marvelled at the choir's beautifully singing hymns.
It was an enriching day for us and as we walked out of the gates, we realised how much difference small gestures of kindness can make in not only others' lives, but also in ours.