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Sanskrit Special Assembly

08 / May

" अमृत संस्कृतं मित्रं, सरसं सरलं वचः । भाषासु महीनीयं यदज्ञानविज्ञान पोषकम् "

Sanskrit Assembly was conducted on May 8th, by the Sanskrit students of class 7, 8, 9 and 10th respectively. The introduction was followed by the prayer and the news. A beautiful song, ‘Surbharti Suramya’ was sung by some students to make the audience realise that Sanskrit is the mother of all languages as many Indian languages have either been directly derived or strongly influenced by Sanskrit language.

In the end there was a graceful dance performance on the song, ‘ Aigiri Nandini' which was dedicated to goddess Durga, who represents the feminine power.


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