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Special Assembly in French

25 / Jul

On 25thJuly 2023, students from classes 6th to 10th organized a special French Assembly with the theme" the importance of language in the modern world". The assembly featured elements delivered in both French and English, making it unique and engaging. The choir's performance of 'CHAQUE ENFANT EST UNE ÉTOILE' and a captivating dance added to the ambiance. Mr. Frederic Murat, a teacher from France, graced the occasion and praised the students' impressive French language skills, motivating them further.

We are deeply grateful to our Principal for his encouragement and support that helped us successfully organize the French Assembly today. His guidance and motivation were instrumental in making this event possible.

The event was a resounding success, delivering a valuable lesson to the students about the benefits of learning a foreign language. It served as a memorable experience, inspiring the students to embrace the opportunities that come with mastering languages beyond their native tongue.

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