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Special Diwali Assembly: Preschool

21 / Nov

Children of Classes Nur -C, Nur-D, KG-C and KG-D presented songs and dances as part of the special Diwali Assembly in the school auditorium-Udaan on 21.11.2023 (Tuesday).The children were led into their daily morning prayer by Ma'am Deepika followed by the singing of hymn "Be careful little hands what you do" collectively by all the children. The program commenced with the melodious singing of "Ganesh Vandana" by Class Nursery-D followed by the beautiful dance performance by Class Nursery-C on the song " Deepon ka Tyohaar Diwali". The song "Jinke Hriday Ram Base' was sung melodiously by class KG-D. The last performance of the day was the mesmerising dance performance by Class KG-C on the song" Raushani Bhari Diwali hai aayee". Children gave their best in their respective performances.

Vice Principal Dr Aradhana Mani was invited on stage to address the gathering.She praised the children for their performances and their lovely costumes.Ma'am gave her valuable inputs and feedback on improving the presentation in the next program. She gave valuable suggestions to the teachers and also applauded them for their dedication and commitment in grooming the tiny tots.

Principal Sir Mr. Alexander Coates Reid was invited at the end to speak to the audience. Sir began his address by sharing belated Diwali and Children's Day wishes with the children. He reminded them about being blessed for being a part of the esteemed Agnel family. He spoke to the children to be a "dreamer"-to achieve what they dream. He appreciated the performers, their activity and the class teachers for training and guiding the children well. Sir ended his speech by saying a prayer for the little ones, their parents and for the teachers.

The special assembly ended with the saying of the prayer for lunch and the orderly dispersal of children back to their respective classrooms.