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04 / May


Class Nursery summer party held on 3rd May was a vibrant kaleidoscope of
colours and laughter as the children arrived decked out in their trendiest
summer attire and accessories. From flowy sundresses to colourful Hawaiian
shirts, every outfit showcased the essence of summer style.

The day kicked off with an explosion of creativity as the kids engaged in
summer-themed craft activity. Decorating their 'watermelon drink' art craft, and
lemonade adding an extra dose of sunshine to the festivities. Children showed
off their best moves to the upbeat summer tunes. Laughter filled the air with
their infectious energies and high spirits. With a variety of food and refreshing
summer fruits they have everything to enjoy in their lunch time. 

But the fun did not stop there. The classroom became a hub of excitement as the kids raced against each other in a hoola hoop game which tested their agility. Cheers erupted with each victory and the classroom buzzed with the contented chatter of children
recounting their favourite moments. Smiles on their faces truly illuminated the
day, turning a simple summer party into a cherished memory that would be

ALBUM LINK:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1x5WQtOFkiS8L8TyjObIiF2Cl_1zJoixI?usp=sharing