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14 / Aug

The Social Welfare Ministry displayed unwavering compassion and community spirit by visiting the GG Homes, an old age home that recently bore the brunt of severe floods resulting in extensive damage to its infrastructure and belongings. This empathetic initiative was undertaken to extend a helping hand to the elderly residents who faced hardship due to the calamity.

The visit, which took place on the 14th of August 2023,  was a poignant demonstration of the school's commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those in need. The flood-induced damages had left the residents in distress, especially due to the loss of electrical appliances, beds, clothes, and other essentials.

During the visit, the ministry members handed over a range of essential supplies to the old age home. These included rations such as oil, rice, and other food items that could help alleviate the immediate concerns of the elderly residents. The warmth and gratitude with which these donations were received illuminated the significance of collective efforts in times of adversity.

The interaction with the residents of the old age home was a deeply moving experience for the volunteers from the school. Conversations were filled with stories of resilience and courage, inspiring a sense of companionship between generations. The students and teachers not only delivered supplies but also spent quality time interacting with the residents, sharing moments of laughter and wisdom.

This visit serves as a reminder that compassion knows no bounds, transcending age and circumstance. The Social Welfare Ministry, through its timely and heartfelt response, exemplified the power of unity and empathy. The visit not only helped in providing immediate relief but also offered solace and a sense of belonging to the elderly residents. As the school continues to nurture these bonds of compassion, it reaffirms its commitment to creating a positive and inclusive society, one act of kindness at a time.