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16 / Aug

It was a day of learning with fun and frolic. The children engaged in various interesting activities to learn concepts in the different subjects. The day started with an energetic activity, the children demonstrated excellent movement, control, balance, and fun while dancing on sheets of newspaper.

To keep with the mood of the monsoon outside , a poem called “Rain” was done with the children in class. The children danced to the tunes of the rain song. Within minutes the students transformed themselves to designers, for an activity called “ My Page of Rain.” In this the children used their vivid imagination and designed their own page of rain.

The various colours of the monsoon travelled from the pages of English notebooks to the children’s desks for an activity called “ Rangometry.” The children used different two- and three-dimensional shapes to create masterpieces. This combination of Math, Art and play was a fantastic method for teaching children to recognise shapes and patterns.

The hands-on learning experience this Wednesday continued with the game “Hathi aur Magar ka khel”  done in Hindi. This game introduced the concept of opposites to the children. This also established the value that with every good deed we go up the elephant’s trunk and rise and shine and with every wrongdoing we come down the crocodile’s tail.

The happiness in the class  carried on when the children presented themselves as chefs, engineers, police officers, electrician, farmers and many more community helpers through a short role- play activity. They were dressed up to play their part and spoke on how they serve the society.

The children may have donned the hats of different community helpers for their EVS activity but to establish the feeling of oneness and to remind them that each one of us are first an “ Indian” the children coloured the Indian Flag.

From an energetic start in the morning to a patriotic feeling of solidarity by the end of the day, was a perfect way of spending the day so rightly called “ Wonderful Wednesday.”

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