Agnel Talent Spectrum

AGNEL TALENT SPECTRUM is a significant feature of the annual curriculum of Father Agnel School, Noida .It includes a series of extra-mural competitions hosted by the school to integrate education and competitions, the two key ingredients to ensure holistic development of the students. Several schools from Delhi NCR are invited to participate in the various events which are spread over three to four days. The event is organised by the senior and the primary School in alternate years.

The event includes competitions related to science, information technology, fine arts, performing arts, literary activities, photography and sports. The competitions are designed around a unique theme every year and serve to motivate students to perform and excel, they offer a greater reward than just winning prizes. It provides an opportunity for substantial experiential learning, showcase skills, analyze and evaluate outcomes and thus explore their potential. This endeavour envisions fostering children with strong interpersonal skills, healthy competitive spirit and vision for the future.