Career Counselling

Career decisions play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our students. It is imperative that in modern times, students receive the right career counselling in order to make informed decisions as a plethora of mind boggling, options are available

At FASN we encourage students to meet with professional career counsellors to explore careers in India & abroad, stream selection on the basis of personal preferences, skills & interests. At FASN we are committed to provide the best to our students, so time & again we have roped in the market experts to assist students & parents to chart out career paths after assessing their strengths, challenges, potential & passion.

Workshops & webinars are arranged on a regular basis to provide knowledge, inputs & preparation techniques about a specific career.

Career counselling is an integral part of FASN educational policy. Our school management has made it mandatory for the students to avail this free service for improving their competence.