Clubs / Societies

Father Agnel School has always been an educational institution with a difference where minds and hearts are empowered to think critically , reason ,analyse and act with courage at all times. Keeping this in mind, the school offers various clubs to its students so that they not only can blossom their latent talent, but also hone their life skills in order to face real life situations in a better way. The various clubs on offer are:

1. Couture : As the name suggests, the couture club of the school is the place where all fashion and design ideas come true. Starting from the basics like hemming, stitching a button to a shirt to embroidery, tie and dye and designing outfits and accessories, the club enhances the creativity of the students. The students of the club also put up a stall to exhibit their creations in the Annual exhibition/ Christmas carnival.

2. Cooking / Hospitality: It is one of the most popular clubs in the school which boys and girls alike, vie to be a part of. Not only does it train the students in culinary art but also breaks gender stereotypes at a young age. In the Cooking /Hospitality club, students are taught to plan, hygienically prepare and serve nutritious and wholesome snacks and meals .

3. Creative Stationery / Waste management : The aim of the creative stationery club is to help the child to design, construct and decorate items. The club also teaches the importance of reusing and recycling things. While making their decorative craft the children use a variety of arts, crafts and design resources and materials. During the creative crafts club sessions, the child’s creative, imaginative and motor skills are enhanced.

4. Gardening : This club not only teaches the students the nuances of gardening but also nurtures in them a love for natural surroundings and environment. Whether it is nurturing a barren piece of land by uprooting its weeds with their hands or using gardening tools, students are taught all the basic techniques of gardening. Organic farming and the utility of natural pesticides is also taught to the students.

5. Oratory skills/ Public speaking : Realising the importance of impactful oratory skills in all situations of life , this club aims at training the students to speak in public confidently and without any inhibitions . Emphasis is laid on voice modulation, diction as well as the body language which is an indispensable aspect of public speaking. Students are engaged in interesting activities like radio show , elocution, debating, Just a minute, Turn-a-coat etc.

6. Quiz club : The Quiz club of the school motivates, inspires, encourages and rewards children in their quest for knowledge. This club updates their knowledge in various fields like history, geography, analytical skill, famous personalities and their achievements in their specific fields, politics and current affairs which helps students to remain up-to-date for competitive exams . Children are able to think critically and analyse the past events with the present and come up with solutions for the future. This club creates a zeal to learn and explore new issues and events taking place globally. They are also encouraged to conduct as well as participate in quizzes at Intra as well as Inter- School level.

7. Social Work Club : Guided by the school motto ‘Big Hearts and Brave Minds’, the Social Work Club of the school functions with the sole purpose of inculcating goodness, compassion , benevolence and generosity in the students. The club organizes visits to Father Agnel Jan Kalyan Kendra , Khoda, in order to celebrate festivals with them . Visits to slum areas are also conducted from time to time when clothes , footwear, toys, food and stationery items are distributed by the students. The members of the club also volunteer for various community outreach programmes of the school like Samvedana and blood donation camp etc.

8. The environment club : THis club promotes participation of students in learning about and working towards the conservation and sustainability of our environment. The club emphasizes on creating awareness about the change in the environment and its impact on human life, health, agriculture etc. It also emphasizes to generate curiosity among students by inculcating scientific temperament and hence develop critical thinking on various issues of environment. The club also believes that engaging and participation of students in environment workshops, science fairs, scientific inquiring projects will help students to lead, identify and solve environmental problems.

9. NTSE : The National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is a National Level Examination organized by NCERT. It is held annually with the objective of identifying talented students and help them flourish. It provides monthly scholarships to the deserving candidates. Only students of class X are eligible to appear for this examination. In order to set the ball rolling, we organise the NTSE Club for students of class X every year. Interested students may join the club where teachers of various subjects discuss important topics. Apart from this, experts are invited at regular intervals to train and provide an insight about the examination.

10. MUN : Model United Nations, also known as MUN, is a simulation of the UN Committees. The students represent themselves as delegates of various nations and discuss issues which impact the globe. The MUN club is the platform where the students learn about the procedures and other details of the conference like how to pass a resolution or how to resolve a particular crisis. Our ex- students are also invited to provide training sessions which allows experiential learning.

11. Dramatics :This club will introduce students to the basics, and build skills of acting,improvising and getting up on stage in front of an audience. They will learn to vocally, physically, and mentally prepare to perform through warm up exercises and imaginative theatre games. They will also learn why and how non-acting roles are vital to a performance. Students will also learn that every role is essential by working as a group to improvise and perform stage skits and other live or recorded presentations. The Dramatic Club encourages dramatic presentations by students in the form of skits, mime, plays etc. The club also hosts the Annual Inter School Drama competition. Eminent theatre personalities are invited to give lectures on the new trends in theatre. Theatre workshops are conducted in order to explore the possibilities for interdisciplinary linkages between different forms of performing arts.