Principal’s Message

After nearly two years of silent corridors and empty classrooms with intermittent efforts to get back to the normal…once again we gear up to welcome our children back to school. Let this new session be full of possibilities and free from all fears. Like all our previous trials of going back to the regular routine, this time too precaution and abiding by the covid protocol is of primal importance. At Father Agnel school, we maintain the highest standards of safety measures which is coupled with constant monitoring and reiterations of pandemic appropriate behaviour.

Father Agnel School, Noida has always prided on being a safest place after home for her children…here, every child is precious and hence nurtured with utmost love and care, their potentials honed and their dreams empowered. We understand children come from diverse backgrounds and within these portals they are taught to appreciate and embrace this diversity of culture, language, faith and region and treat each other with respect.

This session we plan to go back to those golden times when these walls used to reverberate with life and laughter, the never-ending footfalls in the hallways, the mirthful chatters in class, the fruitful learning and growing up with companions. Let’s gift our children the childhood they deserve! Parents, teachers and management when we work in collaboration, with understanding and conviction nothing is impossible.

This year shall the year of breaking the shackles of fear. This year shall be the year of courage and victory.

Mukti Srivastava