Principal’s Message


Life affords no greater responsibility, no greater privilege, than the raising of the next generation…..

It is my pleasure and privilege to address you for the first time as your Principal. I view education as a life-long process and expect that I will continue to learn much about the uniqueness of Father Agnel School this year and in the years to come. Most importantly, I bring a belief that students are at the center of all school-related decisions.  I am excited to unite my experience, my openness to learn, and my child-centered approach to support our students.

Our school has an outstanding reputation, and I am proud to be part of such a wonderful community. Father Agnel School is filled with enthusiastic students willing to learn, supportive families interested in their children's education, and a dedicated professional staff committed to providing the students with the highest quality education. We hope to produce young men and women who are happy, resilient, confident and ready for any challenges that may come their way. The Institution is a vibrant place of learning and personal growth. We expect students to do their personal best, invest efforts into their learning and take up opportunities that arise to showcase their talents, explore their interests, and continually develop new knowledge and skills. We believe in educating the whole child focusing on academic, social, and emotional growth.

We would like to encourage each family to stay active in your child's education. We certainly realize that many of you lead busy lives. However, taking just a few minutes in the evening to read to your child, talk with your child about school, or simply see that your child is organized for the next school day can have great benefits. Education is a partnership between the school and the home, and we are fully vested in partnering with families to make sure each child reaches their full potential. We have always had wonderful family participation, and we look forward to continuing in this tradition.

God bless each one of you!

Alistair R A Freese