Special assembly – Gandhi Jayanti & Dussehra

Gandhi Jayanti celebrates the birth anniversary of Mahatama

Gandhi-Father of Nation who gave the world the principles of truth, non-violence and love. Dussehra celebrates the victory of good over evil-victory of Lord Rama over the ten headed demon king Ravana. A special assembly was organized to celebrate these festivals on 1st October, 2019 in the school auditorium. Children from classes 1 C, E and 3 D, E and F participated with great enthusiasm. The programme commenced with the hymn by 1 E. The talk show by ma’am Shilpa and students of 3 F was much liked. The street play on Gandhian teachings put up by the children of 3 E under the guidance of ma’am Akriti, captivated the audience. Beautiful songs by 3 D and F children as well the colourful dance performance by class 1 C children enthralled the audience. The programme ended with the speech by the Principal, Sir John Dinakaran, who emphasized on the importance of these festivals and imbibing the learnings from them. He congratulated all the participants and teachers and praised them for their effort.

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